Smith Mountain Lake- Fishing and a Wine Festival

Smith Mountain Lake is truly a hidden gem nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  The lake is comprised of about 500 miles or shoreline and was built by damming up the Roanoke river.  I’m fortunate enough to have some in laws that have a beautiful house there.  My family visits as often as we can and we typically do some boating, ride wave runners, fish, swim and….have the occasional drink.  It’s a relaxing spot that never gets old.

Every year we head down for the Smith Mountain Lake Wine Festival and I think we have gone the last three years.  It has tons of Virginia wineries and a bunch of local vendors that have crafts, nick knacks, clothes and gifts.  Additionally, they have about 4 bands that play and its is always nice to sit up on the hill, look down and hang out with some friends while listening to good music.  My all time favorite winery is Barboursville.  They have some great wines and I highly recommend the Octagon.  Its phenomenal!!

The day before the wine festival, my father-inlaw, my wife and I went fishing.  Although we have a boat to use, we decided we would hire someone to take us out and show us where to fish.  It was an incredibly relaxing trip.

Random Smith Mountain Lake Photos

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