Sunday Photo- Truckers in North Carolina

5 trucks, 5 people, 5 lives, 5 worries, 5 jubilations and 5 different stories of life on the road.  There is a certain mystique to life on the road.  For a guy who generally works in an office and is a slave to a different kind of machine, this mysterious lifestyle has an interesting draw.  The enticement of freedom on the road.  A fantasy of traveling great distances as the last remnants of the great American Cowboys.  Seeing amazing sights, crossing continents, climbing great elevations, and meeting interesting people.  But these 5 people are also captive.  Drudges of the same gears on the machine I’m a part of.  A critical cog driving consumerism, commercialism and capitalism to the masses.  Imagine for a second the impact if they simply didn’t exist.

Taken on 6.28.2014 with the Nokia Lumia 1520

Taken on 6.28.2014 with the Nokia Lumia 1520

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