Friday Photo- Washington Monument

I took a nice therapeutic motorcycle ride in the early spring.  It was one of those days where I needed to reflect on a few things that were going on in my life.  I had no plan so I went to Sperryville, VA and drove up the Skyline Drive to Front Royal.  While I was in Front Royal, I simply went to a 7-11, broke out a book and sat there on my bike and read for an hour or two.  It was a relaxing day, time stood still for a bit and all my problems went away for a short time.  From Front Royal and I decided to ride into Washington, DC.  I have lived in the Washington, DC area for most of my life and have never rode my bike into the city for a quick solo tour of the Capital Mall area.  The sites were amazing.  I actually had the time to just relax, look and see them for myself. The weather was perfect and I was really able to appreciate everything that was put in front of me.  Understand that I work in DC so I’m usually stuck in traffic so this was just an amazing time for me.  Here is a shot of the Washington Monument while standing in front of the reflecting pool.  As a kid I remember the reflecting pool being extremely dirty and not very well maintained.  It was great to see that someone has taken the time to bring it back to life for everyone to enjoy.

This photo was taken 4.6.2014 with a Nokia Lumia 1520.


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