Start of a New Week

It was an interesting week last week and I’m glad its the beginning of a new one. Two friends had people in their lives commit suicide. One was a buddy of mine that I spent time in the Marine Corps with who’s sister committed suicide at 31. The other was an old friend who’s 17 year old daughter committed suicide due to bullying. I had the privilege of going to the younger girls funeral and the words that were spoken were truly humbling. The line of kids that spoke showed how genuine these people were and how awesome the girl truly was. It was easily an hour and a half of speeches or more just from the kids. There were many themes to what they said. “She gave me the courage”, “Inclusion”, “Inspired me”, “Her smile”, and the fact that it wasn’t just the smile on the outside that made her special it was the smile on the inside. It was a true celebration of her life and showed that God certainly walked with this young lady as she embodied the characteristics and values of some of the very best people I know. For each of my friends I’m very sorry for your loss.
The moral of this story for me is be ever present in the lives of people that I’m close to as best as I can. Build memories with them. My friends were ever present with their loved ones yet the lives of these two individuals were cut short unexpectedly. I’m glad they will have good memories to look back on. Since I’ve tangled with death a time or two I tell you this…Life is delicate and can be taken from anyone in an instant. To paraphrase one of my favorite guitar players; we spend a lifetime building our castles and acting on our dreams with the people we love. Yet those castles, dreams and people are so very fragile. They’re simply made of sand and can and will slip into the sea….eventually. So be present with your friends and family and build those good memories with them. They’ll appreciate it and so will you……

About Adventures in the Burbs (72 Articles)
I'm now considered a survivor. A survivor of what you may ask? For my entire life I have been a walking time bomb due to a visitor embedded in my brain called an AVM, or an Arteriovenous Malformation. I never actually knew I had it. My story of survival is so improbably and spectacular that it is worthy of an entire book in itself. I may have a post in here somewhere on my blog that covers it. In the end I’ve survived a brain hemorrhage, brain surgery and I’ve been left with Epilepsy and Left Side Neglect. Believe it or not, Left Side Neglect has been nothing less than a fascinating experience although I don’t recommend it for the feeble or weak minded. In the end that time bomb exploded yet I’m still here to put my adventures up on this blog and I will never let my survivor experience hold me back from life. Although I’m now considered a “Survivor”, throughout life I have been many things and it seems I have assumed many different identities along the way. For me life has been a zigzagging adventure woven with change and that change has always been good. I’m truly blessed as my life has been nothing short of amazing and my cup has always been overflowing even in the worst of times. I’ve had a good family, good friends, excellent mentors along the way and an amazing wife. Wonder if she will actually ever read this?? I’ve been a musician, a dishwasher, a pizza maker, a break-dancer, a skateboarder, a long haired metal head, a United States Marine, a husband, a father to many, a technologist, a college student, an adventure racer, a businessman, a manager, a leader, a crisis manager, a Harley Davidson enthusiast, a wannabe bourbon connoisseur, an amateur RV’er, an amateur blogger, an amateur writer, an amateur photographer, a thinker, a doer, a traveler, a wannabe digital nomad, an adventurer, and a remote worker. So as you can see I’ve maintained just a few identities….but what’s in an identity anyway. I know my identity as a “survivor” will not sum up my existence nor define me as a person. My name is Will and I am all of those identities listed above and then some. Hopefully you will join me on my journey. Do take Care, Will

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