Ocean City Maryland- Assateague island

For my 13th wedding Anniversary my wife and I took a trip to Ocean City.  The weather was so so but we made the best of it.  One of my favorite parts of OC is going to Assateague Island.  I absolutely love it there as it is definitely a place of natural beauty.  Normally we take my truck out on the beach and ride around which is a blast but this time we just explored the roadway.  Plus my wife got to try out her new camera.  I’ll post what kind of camera it is later as we are definitely going to use this bad boy a lot.  You’ll see in the next set of pictures the camera is definitely better than anything I take with my camera phone.  I always say you get what you pay for and this camera definitely takes some amazing pictures.


Look at the detail of this Seagull.  This was not edited at all by any software.  We got lots of interesting pictures of Seagulls in their natural habitat which was pretty cool.  On Assateague there are so many different types of birds you could literally spend the day capturing them on film.  We saw a ton of Baltimore Orioles which are absolutely beautiful.  That was one bird that we did not get a perfect shot of.  We will definitely be coming back to capture the Baltimore Oriole.


This is a great close up of a Seagull and definitely captures its beauty.


This was one that we did not expect.  I’ve seen turkeys in Virginia but never in Maryland and definitely not on Assateague.  Its a great shot that my wife took right out of our truck window.  The turkey blends in great with its surroundings and it really does have some beautiful feathers.  Usually we think of turkeys as dinner so it was cool to see this bird in its natural habitat.


Here are two turkey buddies.  Great shot with great colors.

DSC_0240I’m not so sure about this rugged looking mammal.  He looks like a healthy specimen.

DSC_0323One of the best parts about going to Assateague Island are the wild ponies.  Now keep in mind these beauties are wild however they can certainly draw a crowd of onlookers.  During the summer time on the beach they will walk around while people are relaxing but beware they will walk through your stuff, eat your food, trample over your blankets etc.  Its always fun to watch as luckily I’ve never had it happen to me.  Regardless the ponies are always cool to see and kids seem to love them too.



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