Rice Krispy Treat Project

I have been looking at how much garbage my family puts down, what we've been eating, how much waste it creates and trying to look for fun alternatives. I looked in my pantry and the first thing I came across were Rice Krispy Treats. Whoever dreamed up this concoction deserves an Emmy award, maybe a seat at the table on the Martha Stewart Show or a lifetime achievement award. Everyone in the United States at some point in their life has had a little niblet of a Rice Krispy Treat. You talk about impact! They sell them in grocery stores and the restaurant Noodles is kind enough to package them up for us to devour at their cash registers. So yes, the dude or dudette who invented the Rice Krispy Treat you are truly a Rock Star!! After looking at the little treats in my pantry and also eating these little suckers I thought to myself. Self? Why are we wasting money on this, creating additional garbage and what can I do to make this fun for my family? We should make them ourselves!! Wow, what a novel concept. In this world of WiFi, Cell Phones and iPads why in the world would I want to actually interact with my family, take the hour to make something, have some fun and maybe save some money and prevent some additional garbage going into the ground. So here is the high level formula. I didn't get super analytical but here I go. At Amazon you can get a box of Rice Krispy Treats 50 count for $10.39. That is .53/ Ounce. If I buy a 18 Ounce box of off brand Rice cereal from Food Lion it costs .17/Ounce. A bag of Jet Puffed Marshmallows from Amazon costs $1.96 which is .12/Ounce There is a negligible amount of butter (.05 maybe) to include in this. My cost per ounce is .29/ ounce minus the garbage going into the ground from packaging which is almost the same.

So in the end you are saving .24/ounce total. What is absolutely priceless is the time you get with your family. My 13 year old daughter initially approached this like it was kind of lame but within 10 minutes we were laughing and joking around, she was dancing and we were having a blast. All in all it was a win win…..Enjoy

Rice Krispy

And here is your Rice Krispy Goodness

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