Statue of David–Florence, Italy

The statue of David by Michelangelo is one of the most fascinating pieces of art that you will ever see.  For those of you that are photographers I’m sure you have seen much better photos of David than mine.  I think the important thing to note here is you must see David with your own eyes.  I can definitely appreciate art however I’m far from an expert or anyone that could critique artwork in any way.  With that said when you see David with your own eyes you will definitely see the amazing detail in this sculpture. Additionally, upon seeing David with your own eyes  you will get a better understanding of what it would take to do such an amazing feat of artwork.  If you want to understand the history of David I would recommend looking at Wikipedia for more information:  DAVID

Another thing that I found fascinating was that Michelangelo actually took dead bodies and did autopsies so he had a better understanding of how the human body was built.  This enabled him to best reflect the human anatomy in his artwork.  In my humble opinion, to go to that extent to be able to replicate a human in marble is fascinating.  I don’t think I would quite go to that extent for any artwork but still pretty cool.  For now I stick with stick figures and no autopsies 🙂

Enjoy and Take Care!!

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