Naples Italy


So to keep my pictures coming this was a quick shot in Naples Italy.  Naples is a port city and probably one of the least exciting places for me.  My Dad visited Naples while he was in the Navy and he described it as a city that was still being cleaned up from World War 2.  The water was beautiful and in the distance I believe this was Mount Vesuvius.  On this particular trip we had a personal tour in a van with a woman from England who was really nice and we really enjoyed her company.  She also took us to Pompeii which I really found fascinating.  I’ll try and post some pictures of Pompeii tomorrow.  The funny thing I found about this part of the trip was my daughter enjoyed Naples the most and I’m not quite sure why.  I found Naples to have a tremendous amount of potential to be a serious tourist attraction.  We ate pizza there but I think the overall highlight for me was the water, the mountains in the background and definitely Pompeii.  I’ll get the Pompeii pictures up tomorrow if I have some time.  Work is definitely getting me this week 😦

I think I need to start planning my next adventures because I need to get away from work.  Actually I’m taking my entire family on a cruise July 16th!  Should be fun!!  But between now and then I need a little play time.

Peace out and Take care!!

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