Capital building of Rome and St. Peters

The Capital building of Rome is definitely an amazing building.  Look at the picture below.  It speaks for itself.  St. Peters is also a magnificant place to visit.  The sheer size of it will put  you in awe.  As you walk through and see all the unbelievable antiquities throughout you cannot help but appreciate everything regardless of your religion or your tastes in frankly anything.  Much of what I saw definitely inspired a lot of thoughts but I’ll keep all of that to myself so people can just enjoy the pictures.  Keep in mind these were not taken with a professional camera.  Just a point and shoot.  Enjoy!!


The Capital of Rome is probably my favorite building.  Like many pictures the magnificence of the building can never be caught in a picture.  After going to Rome, seeing the architecture and all of the buildings it is very apparent where we took our cues from in Washington, DC.  However Washington DC simply doesn’t compare.


Yes I had to grab a selfie of me and the family in St. Peters Square.  St. Peters was an amazing place to visit both inside and out.  The only thing I regret is not being able to spend an entire month seeing everything there was to see.


This work of art sits inside the Court of Pigna before the entrance of St. Peters.  It looks like an Earth crashing into an Earth? I do forget the significance but I found it to be pretty cool.


I posted this so you could get just a taste of all the antiquities that sit in St. Peters.  This is literally just a small taste.  There are so many sculptures it would be near impossible to understand who and what each one was.  This is just a small hallway.


This is where I got lost with my tour.  This was one of my favorite statues and of course I just wanted to get a shot of this one.  Good luck with that.  The detail on this was amazing. If you can only imagine what it takes to carve one of these out of marble and the imagination and artistic talent it takes is truly mind blowing.


Just another look at one of the rooms.


Here is an idea of what every single ceiling looked like throughout the entire tour.


Paintings were everywhere one every ceiling.


Sculptures were big and small


St. Peters at night was an amazing site.  The sculptures on the top are Saints and also every Pope.  I still have a bunch more photo’s to go through.  All in all St. Peters was an amazing site.  I went into the Sistine Chapel which was also an amazing site.  We were told not to take pictures and also not to speak out of respect.  No one actually listened.  I did.  I thought it was the right thing to do.

Take care!



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