Winter Remembrance


Spring has definitely arrived.  The weather was beautiful today.  I even mowed the lawn.  I was looking through some pictures from a few years back and I came up with some pretty nice winter pics.  Shown here is Rappahannock River and the Route 1 Bridge.  As you can tell we had a ton of snow.  So much that it was literally gathering on top of the river and traveling downstream as slush.




Here is a nice Seagull hanging out on top of a pole.  He seems pretty content and sat there for quite away.  I was actually taking these pictures with my cell phone so you can see I actually got pretty close to the bird.


On my way out to Fredericksburg I think I was riding around near one of the Civil War Battlefields.  Based on the picture I’m not sure which one it was however I think the white with the contrasting plants looks pretty cool.


More Seagulls.  There were tons of them.  I have to admit I was driving through them a little to get them to fly.  There were a bunch of people at the river getting pictures as well.  No I didn’t drive through them though 🙂

Hope you enjoyed some pictures from the past.  Enjoy that spring weather!!

Take Care!!

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