Spring Garden After the Rain

adventureintheburbs.com 2016 Garden 20

I could spend all day outside after a rain shower, or even during it for that matter.


adventureintheburbs.com 2016 Garden 21

I can almost see myself in one of those raindrops.

adventureintheburbs.com 2016 Garden 23

I love rain glistening on the curly willow; although, she is spectacular all on her own.


adventureintheburbs.com 2016 Garden 24

I wasn’t fast enough to catch the vibrant red cardinal that was sitting on this branch just seconds before I snapped this picture.

adventureintheburbs.com 2016 Garden 27

The raindrops are stunning and add just the right amount of bling to accent the flowers and the trees.

adventureintheburbs.com 2016 Garden 22

Because of the cold weather our tulips really stayed around longer this year.

3 Comments on Spring Garden After the Rain

  1. Raindrops increases their beauty even more beautiful…………..

  2. Those photos are amazing!!!

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