***Don’t let Negativity get you down***

Yeah.....here is a motivational selfie. Just livin and loving life. Stay away from the negativity!!

In this highly connected world that we live in we are bombarded with information.  A lot of that information is negativity.  Imagine if you are constantly bombarded with negativity how that impacts the way you think, the way you act and your overall attitude towards the world.  Half the stuff that takes place in the world today and the information that is shared is potentially unreliable.  We don’t even know if it is true!  People being people now believe anything they read on the internet.  I get emails from my Father, my Father-inlaw, articles on Facebook, Tweets on Twitter on and on and on.  There are even fake news sites setup very professionally to look like real news networks with names that are almost the same as the real newspapers.  The bottom line is the internet has become the largest propaganda machine in the history of mankind and it can get you down.  I saw a quote on Twitter that spawned this writing and it said “Don’t let negative pictures play on the movie screen of your mind.  You own the remote control.  All you have to do is change the channel.

I took a random look at the news at 9pm on 9/7/2016.  Here is a quick snapshot:


It’s all negativity and what a crying shame.  This is not just one website or one news outlet, this is everywhere.  The news on TV, the news on the internet, the emails that you get, the Facebook posts, the Twitter feeds, the video feeds on and on.  War, violence, politics, power struggles, the economy etc.  It’s pretty bad.  My ask here for you is to keep it positive.  Stay motivated and be optimistic.  Be positive!!  As much as negativity is contagious so is being positive.  The reality is if you do not spread positive energy and optimism throughout this world no one else will.  You too can be a tipping point for good.  To keep it positive here are some pictures from Easter 2015 while enjoying Cunningham Falls, Maryland.  Keepin it real and don’t mind the selfies.  Dig it.


Yeah…..here is a motivational selfie. Just livin and loving life. Stay away from the negativity!!


Cunningham Falls, Maryland


More Cunningham Falls Maryland


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I'm now considered a survivor. A survivor of what you may ask? For my entire life I have been a walking time bomb due to a visitor embedded in my brain called an AVM, or an Arteriovenous Malformation. I never actually knew I had it. My story of survival is so improbably and spectacular that it is worthy of an entire book in itself. I may have a post in here somewhere on my blog that covers it. In the end I’ve survived a brain hemorrhage, brain surgery and I’ve been left with Epilepsy and Left Side Neglect. Believe it or not, Left Side Neglect has been nothing less than a fascinating experience although I don’t recommend it for the feeble or weak minded. In the end that time bomb exploded yet I’m still here to put my adventures up on this blog and I will never let my survivor experience hold me back from life. Although I’m now considered a “Survivor”, throughout life I have been many things and it seems I have assumed many different identities along the way. For me life has been a zigzagging adventure woven with change and that change has always been good. I’m truly blessed as my life has been nothing short of amazing and my cup has always been overflowing even in the worst of times. I’ve had a good family, good friends, excellent mentors along the way and an amazing wife. Wonder if she will actually ever read this?? I’ve been a musician, a dishwasher, a pizza maker, a break-dancer, a skateboarder, a long haired metal head, a United States Marine, a husband, a father to many, a technologist, a college student, an adventure racer, a businessman, a manager, a leader, a crisis manager, a Harley Davidson enthusiast, a wannabe bourbon connoisseur, an amateur RV’er, an amateur blogger, an amateur writer, an amateur photographer, a thinker, a doer, a traveler, a wannabe digital nomad, an adventurer, and a remote worker. So as you can see I’ve maintained just a few identities….but what’s in an identity anyway. I know my identity as a “survivor” will not sum up my existence nor define me as a person. My name is Will and I am all of those identities listed above and then some. Hopefully you will join me on my journey. Do take Care, Will

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