Fall 2015- Appomattox and Tyro Virginia

In the fall of 2015 my family and some friends went on a camping trip out in central Virginia.  Yes, I’m just getting around to these pictures stashed away on my phone.  As you can see from the pictures, fall in Virginia is an absolutely stunning and a magnificent place to visit and experience.  I’m not quite sure which pumpkin patch we visited but I do believe we were somewhere in the Appomattox area.  Additionally we visited the Silver Creek and Seamans’ Apple Orchard which was nothing less than amazing. They had music, food, a corn maze and just some good ol’ central Virginia fun.  I specifically remember the tempo there being so much slower than what I’m used to.  Although I live approximately 65 miles South West of Washington, DC I still get the hustle not only from the traffic but also from the tempo of my job.  The tempo is  simply an East Coast thing but here it’s slow, relaxing and felt trouble free.  Appomattox and Tyro were about as laid back and as beautiful as you can get.  My type of place and my type of tempo.


Imagine the miles and miles of story lines these train tracks know.  Imagine the lives that have rolled across these parallel bars.  Close your eyes and imagine what they have carried.  Has some form of goods from these tracks actually made it to your home?  Imagine the time, energy and story lines of the people that laid these tracks.  I wonder the distance that one man has laid and how much time it took them to lay down that distance.


There is nothing better than an old bridge.  It truly captures the imagination if you allow it.  Who built it?  Why did they build it?  Who does this bridge connect and when did they connect them?  The physics behind a truss bridge are amazing and it would be interesting to talk to the person who invented the truss bridge and how they came up with the concept.


This building brought about a great story.  When you’re driving down the road and you see a house like this well guess what?  Yes you have to stop and check it out!  We had two vehicles in our party and if I remember correctly we had 3 young ladies, me, my wife and two of our friends.  With that said we definitely made a little stir by pulling over.  The funny thing is when we got out we immediately started walking into the house and we heard a “HEY” and then a “CHICK CHICK”.  In Virginia there is only one thing that that means.  Stay away.  It was coming from across the street from a very small house.  Obviously the owner wanted us to move on and I’m sure we have not been the only people to stop and check this house out.


This picture definitely stirs the imagination.  The age of this house is unknown but the story behind this structure must be amazing.  It’s obviously a two story, has multiple doors, windows a fireplace and I’d imagine that the house has probably been in this condition for quite sometime now.  It was so intriguing to look at and I really wish I remember the exact location so I could take more pictures of it.  We were rushed out so soon I really didn’t get the opportunity to really take it all in.  I’d really love to know the ghosts of this house and who they are.  Imagine the lives that have moved in and out of this house over the years.  Think about the smiles that this house has generated, the holidays, the Thanksgivings, the marriages and the lives that have left this world.  The stories are endless.


There is nothing more fun, simple and natural than picking pumpkins from a pumpkin patch.  The kids enjoy it and it offers you an opportunity to choose your own pumpkin from a very very wide selection.  A child will search forever like they’re searching for treasure for that ultimate pumpkin that exceeds their expectations.  They want to enjoy putting their imagination to the test by placing a scary face, a happy face or whatever their imagination dreams up on their person picked pumpkin.  The excitement from children  is priceless for such a simple and enjoyable activity.  These are the great activities and memories that we all should strive to build with our families & children.  Believe me they will last a lifetime.


Yes….every once in a while you have to include the random selfie to prove that you were actually standing on your Dodge RAM 1500 in the middle of a pumpkin patch with your beautiful bride in the background  To me, this is what life is about.  Moments and adventures that I get to share with my wife and my family.  We are driving and we see an enormous pumpkin patch with no plan and probably no destination.  We stop and just make a moment.  We made the best of a field full of pumpkins and we gave ourselves something to remember for a lifetime.  No big expenses, no big plans, no big cities.  Just good times.


This was at Silver Creek & Seamans’ Orchards.  They had some of the very best apples, the largest variety of apples and some of the most amazing apple cider you could ever taste.  The true science behind the flavors and varieties of apples was awesome to learn about.  They had staff on hand to give you a thorough and interesting education.


The greatest thing about this picture is when my wife and I stepped out of our vehicle we literally took the almost exact same picture.  The pumpkins lined up in a row were the same at the exact same angle.  I can’t wait to visit this same area again this year with better equipment to take even better pictures and potential video of this area.

As fall approaches remember to take the time to enjoy the change in season.  Fall on the East Coast is one of the most spectacular events you can experience.  There are so many festivals, outdoor activities and color changes you must take the time to enjoy, see and fulfill all of your senses.  Yes even your allergies if you have them!  Whether it is a drive along Skyline Drive, a hike on the Appalachian Trail or sipping cider at an apple festival, fall is about another side of life.  Summer comes to a close and many of the things that live and thrive throughout the season change according to natures will.  That Change is everlasting, cyclical and good.

Take the time to meditate on the interdependency of everything in the universe.  How all things embrace one another, as if they were dear friends.  How they defer to one another and form a sweet accord in obedience to the laws of nature.

Do take care my friends,


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