Our world Awakens with the Sun

There is truly nothing more spectacular than a beautiful sunrise.  I was recently able to be a part time Digital Nomad at Myrtle Beach, SC this past August and it offered me the time to catch some amazing Sunrises as well as enjoy some time on the beach at night.  Normally I’m truly a night owl but I have truly become fond of the morning.  In the morning you truly get to hear your world rise.  The Myrtle Beach felt truly unique to me because my home base is in the woods of Virginia.  Although Virginia has its own wonders in the morning.  Even as a tourist destination Myrtle Beach was remarkable in its own right providing a feeling of remoteness as the beach awoke from its nightly slumber.  In the early morning, people began to enjoy the salty air with a brisk walk, a run or perhaps taking their dog for a walk along the beach.  What was unique to me is I’m use to Ocean City, Maryland.  The surf in Ocean City is usually pounding the sand so having a nice beach foundation to walk on with gentle waves made the overall beach experienc really pleasant.  Another nicety was my RV was literally less than 50 feet to the entrance of the beach.  No complaints there.

When you sit and watch the world wake up you can’t help but be at peace in your mind, body and spirit.  You can’t help but forget your woes and put your life’s aches behind you.  Watching the sun rise in the morning is almost a primal journey.  The earths whole existence is 100% dependent on this beginning that happens each day.  It’s a beginning that has determined our concepts of time through the ages; yet in another sense this thing called doesn’t actually exist.  It’s this beginning that forges how we interact with our world, how nature interacts with us and how our senses begin to have their morning stir like a coffee awakening our mind.  Morning’s magnificence is really hard to truly comprehend and hard to appreciate on a daily basis.  It’s times like this when we’re able to stop and breath in this daily awakening allowing us to truly absorb the sunrise and the mornings enormity.

Imagine you have died and have received the gift of new life!!  Live it!!  Full of wondrous gratitude, in sweet accord with nature.

Enjoy the short video.  It was actually taken on a Windows Phone.  Since putting this together I decided to get a much better Video Camera so hopefully the quality of my video will improve over time.

About Adventures in the Burbs (72 Articles)
I'm now considered a survivor. A survivor of what you may ask? For my entire life I have been a walking time bomb due to a visitor embedded in my brain called an AVM, or an Arteriovenous Malformation. I never actually knew I had it. My story of survival is so improbably and spectacular that it is worthy of an entire book in itself. I may have a post in here somewhere on my blog that covers it. In the end I’ve survived a brain hemorrhage, brain surgery and I’ve been left with Epilepsy and Left Side Neglect. Believe it or not, Left Side Neglect has been nothing less than a fascinating experience although I don’t recommend it for the feeble or weak minded. In the end that time bomb exploded yet I’m still here to put my adventures up on this blog and I will never let my survivor experience hold me back from life. Although I’m now considered a “Survivor”, throughout life I have been many things and it seems I have assumed many different identities along the way. For me life has been a zigzagging adventure woven with change and that change has always been good. I’m truly blessed as my life has been nothing short of amazing and my cup has always been overflowing even in the worst of times. I’ve had a good family, good friends, excellent mentors along the way and an amazing wife. Wonder if she will actually ever read this?? I’ve been a musician, a dishwasher, a pizza maker, a break-dancer, a skateboarder, a long haired metal head, a United States Marine, a husband, a father to many, a technologist, a college student, an adventure racer, a businessman, a manager, a leader, a crisis manager, a Harley Davidson enthusiast, a wannabe bourbon connoisseur, an amateur RV’er, an amateur blogger, an amateur writer, an amateur photographer, a thinker, a doer, a traveler, a wannabe digital nomad, an adventurer, and a remote worker. So as you can see I’ve maintained just a few identities….but what’s in an identity anyway. I know my identity as a “survivor” will not sum up my existence nor define me as a person. My name is Will and I am all of those identities listed above and then some. Hopefully you will join me on my journey. Do take Care, Will

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