Good morning Friday

It’s a beautiful morning and yes thank God it is Friday.  You don’t have to look far to find beauty in this world.  Especially as the change of season is upon us.


There is nothing better than a calm lake and a cool reflection of the tree’s and the sky.  It makes you reflect on everything that is good in the world.  Take the time to enjoy a moment.


A swan is so graceful yet so very powerful.  Never mistake a swan’s beauty and grace as a symbol of weakness.  A swan is savvy, smart and strong


Look in a mirror and find yourself.  Find the good because it is there.


Do you see the fly on this Black-eyed Susan?  Wonder what that little thing is thinking right now?  I wonder what it’s searching for?  Do you think it will become someone’s lunch?


I love seeing the water in the morning but seeing it evaporate adds a completely different memorizing effect.  Nature’s beauty is everywhere.  You just have to look.


A Perfect reflection.  It’s art.


The sun awakening


Do you think the swan recognizes his own reflection.


I need to bring a chair out here in the morning and work.  This is called work life balance.


Black-eyed Susan

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