Monday- My Coffee is overflowing



I awoke this morning at 4:30am like clockwork.  Seems to be my new normal.  When I cracked my eyes open I had this certain tension; Tension because I knew that I am behind on a few tasks at work and I have to get a few things done before my meetings of the day.  My first mission of the day was to step out of bed, put on my LLbean hand crafted Bison slippers, step towards the stairs and carefully walk down the 13 stairs that lead to the main floor of my house.  The first thing I must do is sort through the 50+ Keurig K-Cups to carefully determine what is going to be the flavor of the day.  The choices of coffee or tea are mind blowing.  How can I possibly decide?  After a great deliberation I compromise on a familiar brand, Krispy Kreme.  “Donut” coffee for whatever reason is now baked in my head due to brand marketing which has created what I call mind share.  They own my mind and normally if given the opportunity I will pick a Krispy Kreme or Donkin Donuts coffee…and why?  well just because…..


I careully walk my Krispy Kreme K-Cup over to the Kureig and remove the water basin from the device and pour filtered water in it  from my brand spanking new and frankly very sexy refridgerator.


The filtered water flows endlessly and lets be real;  It doesn’t really matter if I spill a little water. I can just grab a disposable paper towel to clean it right up.  After filling the endless water resevoir for my coffee, I then put my plastic K-Cup in the Kurieg  for one of the most convenient cups of coffee known to mankind.  If this coffee contrivance can be built to serve its ever important purpose we can certrainly  put a man on Mars.  Its ease is absolutely genius and yes we shall make it to Mars one day.


After tirelessly laboring over the filtered water and my plastic K-Kup I press a button and a miniture factory awakens.  A water pump begins to pump water with the precision of a brain surgeon.  It moves the water from the everflowing body of filtered water to a place in this coffee apparatus that will instantanseously and precisely heat 10 ounces of water to the exact liking of my palet.  The water pump begins huming its same morning song which begins to excite the blood cells in my arteries that will carry that awakening caffiene throughout my body. Long gone are the tough days of coffee makers with wasteful filters, spilt coffee grounds on your kitchen counter and setting that complicated timer to have your coffee ready in the morning the moment you wake up.  Those ideas are so from the 1900’s and I’m not even sure you would be able to find one of these coffee contraptions even in the likes of GoodWill, the Salvation Army or let alone on  Future generations will find those devices in landfills and they’ll be the equivelent to modern archiologists finding the clay pots of ancient civilizations.  After all my laboring is complete and I have my perfect cup of joe I begin my journey back to my office.  The smell of coffee begins to permeate throughout the house as I begin my walk which awakens other senses of this very familiar ritual.  The one flight that comprises 13 standard stairs upward will give me a crazy elevation gain.  I begin to wonder if the oxygen levels are ok in my office since we’ve heard the recent news that the earths oxygen levels are the lowest they’ve ever been in the history of man.  When I finally reach for my chair my qudreceps and hamstrings signal my brain and I can feel the blood begin to pump along the front side of my legs and the lack of elasticity of the back side of my legs becomes more evident.  I mean I just made a journey up one flight of stairs to my office.  Life is truly tough!  I again check my completely filled up calendar and begin to map out my day to ensure I meet the dealines of a remote worker.  After the liberating feeling of releasing the noise of my calendar I take a deep breath and attempt to meditate on what is truly important in life.  I again come to the realization that my coffee cup is effortlessly and completely overflowing.  My percieved problem this morning is like the size of an atom on a spec of dust in a universe that is so vast and so complex I begin to remember my place.  I must remember I am not the center but just a player in a much bigger picture.  I’m truly blessed and there are others in this world that have real problems that they struggle through each and every day.

Happy Monday and do take care,


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