Wonders of Nature- The Spider

When you see the wonders of nature like a spider shooting its web out in the wind you should have no needs; you should have no wants.  For in that instance you’re witnessing the miracle of nature and just one of the most complex yet simplistic wonders of the world.  Perched atop the resting place of a man who fought during the Civil War at the battle of Fredericksburg, Virginia we see a Spider as alive as one can be.  As I’m observing this astonishing little creature and this moment I cannot help but to take it all in.  There are no worries of tomorrow and no stresses of yesterday.  There is just the present moment and living just like that spider;  in the moment.


To see this up close is a spectacular view of life that is all around us.  We sometimes take it for granted; take the time to appreciate the beauty of things that we don’t always view as friendly.  You’d be surprised if you open your mind at how amazing such a simple creature can be.

Enjoy and Take care my friends,


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