My Mug Shot


Most people associate Mug Shots with criminals.  Today, here is my Mug Shot.  It was a beautiful day at the Walnut Hills Staunton, VA KOA.  With fall coming the air was getting crisp, my clothes were getting thicker and you begin to feel alive as the cold air begins to pierce your bones.  It was and becomes nothing less than breathtaking as the season changes and mother nature allows that fellow winter to quickly creep upon us.The leaves begin to revert to their more earthly colors, the winds pick up and the sun begins to feel a bit farther away from us.

chiles-apple-orchardWe then went to Chile’s Apple and Peach Orchard and picked Apples.  As you can see the views were amazing.



You’d never realize the number of different varieties, tastes, purposes and things you can do with Apples.  If you ever get a chance, visit an apple farm of festival and you’ll truly experience an all natural treat.

orchard3The more the merrier; we went with a large group of friends and family.


Here’s our RV Jimmy.  He’s gotten some great use from my family and I hope to enjoy many more adventures with him.


More Beautiful Pictures of the Walnut Hills KOA.  Great time and awesome place to stay.

Hope you’re doing well my friends

Take care,



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