Strive to be Better than Yesterday–Part 1

With all the noise and static going on in the world Strive to be better than yesterday.  Start with a simple plan.  Since I’m writing this from my phone in my RV I’ll make this a series of posts.  I’m currently headed to Georgia 

  • First turn off all the negative noise.  There is a real effort out there for winning your mind.
  • Read information that is positive.
  • Watch information that is positive.
  • Make a point to do something positive for  someone you’re friends with.
  • Make a point to look someone in the eye and say thank you.
  • Do something nice for someone you don’t normally talk to much.
  • Be motivated at work or school even when you don’t want to.

To keep a beautiful vibe going here are some swans that chill in my neighborhood.  Dig it!

Take care my friends,


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