A Citizen of Nature

The world around us is absolutely amazing.  It is often very easy to go through life missing the subtleties and far-reaching intricacies of what we participate in each and every day.  We go to work, we do the grind we answer to the boss yet we often don’t take the time to observe the natural surroundings that envelope us.  I am very lucky to live very closely to a family of swans.  My wife and I like to visit them when we have time and the swans are amazing to interact with.  Although they can be aggressive at times they are the most beautiful beasts. Getting up close and personal with them can be very rewarding.


As you can see the sunset is an amazing time to see the swans glide across the water.  The colors of the sun reflecting off the water gives a perfect opportunity to reflect on what is positive in your life.  The ripples in the water provide an amazing contrast to the sleeping, smooth and undisturbed water.


The perfect reflection of the swan is an amazing example of natures beauty.  It is so essential to get outside and enjoy these experiences first hand.  Whether you realize it or not these experiences are available to you everywhere in many different forms.  It’s only a matter of taking the time to enrich your mind and soul, get outside and become a Citizen of Nature.


At this point we were literally within 4 feet of the swans.  I was up close and my wife was kneeling at a different angle.  When the swan puffed up like this it was absolutely amazing!  Luckily my wife captured this amazing shot!

There are so many potential meanings to being a “Citizen of Nature”.  To keep this short; get outside and see the world awhile.  You don’t have to travel to distant lands to observe and participate in the world around you.  Experiences like the swans are at your very finger tips.  It’s only a matter of doing a little planning, finding a local location and experiencing what the natural world has available to you for free.

Make the time…..

Do take care,


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