Most men die at 27, we just bury them at 72 ~Mark Twain
Forget that is says “men”. It applies to all.
The point is live a life of adventure, not a life of excuses and seize the day! Truly breath in and appreciate the days moments before those moments fly right by your eyes. Be BOLD, be excellent, take risks and be awesome!
Drop the potato and get off your comfy couch. No invention, innovation or change was ever made while men and women enjoyed their refined creature comforts. Be comfortable being uncomfortable and get it done.
Turn off your phone and get outside. Try something new, reinvent your old passions to make them new again. Live life through your OWN eyes and not through everyone else’s lenses.
Thoughts for the evening.
You’re welcome.

1 Comment on Twainism

  1. Never heard that! We agree-get outside!

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