Animal Farm

Good morning!  Man, it’s been quite sometime since I’ve hit the ‘ol blog.  Yes, like anyone I’ve been extremely busy.  I woke up this morning after a great nights sleep, had a fresh glass of water, switched to a cup of joe and here I am dropping a blog entry.

I started a book yesterday by George Orwell called Animal Farm and completed it the same day.  It was definitely one of those books you cannot put down.  I’m not exactly going to give a book review as frankly my memory is not that good and I’m not nearly qualified to do any sort of book analysis or review.  Not even remotely close.  Plus, as I write here I’ve got my cat digging his nails in my latissimus dorsi muscle trying to get me to give him some fresh food.  Yes even though there is fresh food sitting from last night that he apparently did not like, he digs his sharp nails in my side looking for the fresh morning dry food.  Cats……hmmmm….well that’s a completely different discussion, but I love my Milo.

To keep this relatively short, I loved Animal Farm and I have already moved on to reading George Orwell’s 1984.  In fact I loved it so much I sent a text to one of my kids saying, “this is a must read”.  As I read Animal Farm I couldn’t help but draw parallels to our own modern-day politics.  To think this book was written circa 1948 amazes me.  It’s almost as if George Orwell had a special lens into the future.  It was like he was some sort of prophet.  The way he used animals to create a world that nearly paralleled our own politics was so intriguing that I simply wanted to see what was coming next and then after that…..yes, what was to come next.

Thinking a little further about the book, I’m not so sure it was that hard to write after all.  Let’s take a small step back and think about it.  Over the past 200 – 1000 years has politics really changed that much?  I mean, there are obvious differences but in the end I think politicians will be politicians, people will be people, and it is a consistent cycle of wash rinse repeat.  Politicians just change the themes and the trends of politics continue on.  I think if you read the book you’ll recognize the slogans, the wars, the rules, the constitutions, the changes to the above and you’ll think wow.  Yep that simple, just wow.  It’s the same story from a different time with a bunch of animals with the same problems that we have today.  So if you want to get your little wow factor in about 80+ pages that features, pigs, dogs, ducks, crows, humans, cows, sheep and any other farm animal, I highly recommend this book.  Animal Farm was absolutely amazing and I highly recommend it!

I hope you enjoyed my little entry.  Now let me get back to Milo the cat.  Here’s a penny for your thoughts.

Take good care,


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