Galactic Waste

Good Morning World!!

I’m out and about my home doing the good ‘ol Spring Cleaning.  Yes it is drop dead in the middle of winter but hell, it appears global warming is upon us, perhaps climate change or whatever the flavor of the week.  I do believe our mother earth is in fact having some pangs of sorts.  If I were mother earth and I were treated as shitty as she gets treated well I’d have some pangs too!  I must admit I’m as guilty as the next person.  I do recycle like the Mad Hatter slams down some tea infused with some Jack Daniels Honey, daily.  What does that mean?  Well not sure but I do recycle a lot.  In fact I recycle about two full size trash cans full of “stuff” about once per week.  I do try to be a good Galactic Citizen.  Anywho, I was going through my basement in a continuous effort to clean out all the garbage and “THINGS” that I have continued to accumulate throughout my life.  It is a grand atrocity of overabundance, commercialism, too many Christmases, hallmark holidays and household mismanagement.  That is when I stumbled upon a 20xx Sony TV that weighs enough that when I picked her up I think I simultaneously herniated my colon and burst a hemorrhoid.  You like the visual, don’t you.  For the lack of a better way of saying it, it was a bloody mess.

My ultimate and most serious point here is what a waste.  GoodWill no longer takes these TV’s.  This TV is going to make its way to the dump just like thousands of other pieces of garbage from thousands and thousands and yes thousands of other households.  In fact this is the second TV I have thrown away this year.  The other one was approximately 15 years old and you guessed it;   I literally have another flat screen TV in my basement that is about 60″…..yes 60 inches that is broken as well.  I still have to figure out what to do with THAT piece of overpriced junk.

The thing that I struggle with most is the amount of “STUFF” that we all own and this equation that I’ve invented:

5 “THINGS” in the house – 1 “THING” out of house = accumulation of junk over the years.

Maybe it’s just my household but I feel as though this is a never-ending battle of the consumption of goods and garbage.  What suffers?  The landfills, the earth, the environment, some poor Chinese worker or some kid in Vietnam working in a sweat shop so I can consume unnecessary goods over and over and over again.

I’ll continue to gut my house of all this junk but it seems to be a never end battle.  I look forward to the days when I move permanently into my RV and I can minimize and live a much simpler life.  Hopefully the Chinese and the young Vietnamese boy will finally get a vacation.

Take good care,


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