It’s funny, I was looking back at my blog and realized I have not written since June 13th, 2018. The crazy thing is I have been writing by hand in a physical journal since November 2018. I have literally almost completed an entire book. Imagine if I put that energy into my blog?!? Would I have thousands of followers? My hope is one day some great great grandchild will read my journal and think wow, this was one interesting dude with an awesome life. His thoughts were awesome! Unfortunately, my blog will only last as long as I pay for it. Maybe I will prepay it for a one hundred years so it survives another generation, or will it to one of my children so they can write in it or just will the domain name to my entire family. I guess domain names are considered property? My family could pass down my domain name and blog as a family heirloom? Then through the generations my words, wisdom and adventures will live on the internet and on Mars somewhere. Perhaps I’m getting a little bit too far ahead of myself but lets try and think big!

It’s 7:00am, my tea is hot, my animals are bugging me in their usual fashion because they want to eat early and I have a full day ahead of me. My wife and I are headed up to George Mason University in Virginia. My daughter got accepted for the upcoming fall semester and she will be auditioning for the theater program. She’s required to do a 2-minute monologue which she literally has down to exactly two minutes.  She has done a lot of preparation for it and I’m truly excited for her!

As you can see from the picture below, I’ve got lots of cleaning to do. Extremely long story short, about a month ago my hot water heater died on me, dropped 50 gallons of water in my basement and we are just now getting new carpet. With that said, we had to move a bunch of my music equipment and other miscellaneous stuff upstairs as well as pay a company to put everything else in storage. Now this is a true adventure in the burbs! There is more devastation to the story, but we’ll save that for another blog post. That story will include replacing the doors in the basement, the need for a new furnace, the outside compressor blowing up, conflict with the contractor who was supposed to fix the compressor and getting a $950 check issued back to me for my troubles. We’ll see based on my future interaction with contractor if I’ll identify them in my blog. This overall debacle, including my homeowner’s insurance giving me money has cost me approximately $10,000. Homeowners insurance is essentially a joke unless your home burns down. With that in mind, the homeowner’s insurance didn’t cover much. That also will be future blog post.

room 2

Since it’s been so long since I have written in my blog there has been tons of adventures and I have so many pictures. I’ll post these in the future. Additionally, I’ve got new adventures coming up. In fact, in March I’ll be traveling in my RV to Florida for a visit to Disney and I’ll also be traveling from Virginia all the way to California after my daughter graduates’ high school. I’m planning a trip to travel through the Dempster highway in Canada which will take me all the way to the Arctic Ocean in a Jeep Wrangler. This trip in particular is going to be EPIC and it is going to require serious modifications to the Jeep. In the future I’m also going to start including videos on my blog. I can seriously feel the excitement building. In fact, I can feel it building in you! Meh you say! It’ll be awesome I promise!

Video has started to be my latest hobby and I’m having a good time with it. I’m also going to be building an entire media kit that includes my multiple video cameras and multiple digital cameras for various situations and I’ll carry them with me at all times. I find that I encounter all kinds of different events everyday that either would make a good picture or a good video, so how can I not capture them for your enjoyment? That’s it for now. Enjoy your day, happy Saturday and make life an adventure!

Take care

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