Road Trip to Yellowstone

Back in 2017 my wife and my in-laws took a trip to Yellowstone National Park. Talk about  an adventure. In fact to take the trip, we sold our class C RV and upgraded to a class A! My blogging plan was to keep my blog up to date via the WordPress phone App but that didn’t work out too well. Next time I will be more prepared. In fact, I’ll be prepared for everything. I will have all the latest gadgets and cameras so I can make sure I can handle anything.

Here is a picture of the New RV!


We started off in Spotsylvania, Virginia and this was the first time we took this RV out. In fact, this was the first time we ever towed a car in an RV.  My in-laws knew nothing about our new RV and you should have seen my father-in-law’s face when my wife pulled up in it! He was literally speechless. He didn’t know how to react and I truly wish I would have caught his reaction on video. It would have been as classic. I don’t remember the route but I do know that when we get out on the road we make good use of Wal-Mart parking lots to boondock on the way to our destinations. This gives us a free, relatively safe place to stay and it allows us to get any supplies we may need as well as use a bathroom outside of the RV. Although using a bathroom outside the RV seems like a nice accommodation, I’ve encountered bathrooms and toilets that were so nasty I could literally write a book about them and possibly have them condemned for being a health hazard.

I’ll be posting further updates to our adventure in 2017 soon. I have a ton of pictures I have to go through!

Take good care!

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